Viewing Homes In The Rain Is Beneficial

Dated: 08/08/2013

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         The summer of 2013 has been a wet one and I think that everyone would agree to that. Even though it is not the ideal situation to be out in a rain storm viewing homes to find the perfect one, it absolutely has its benefits. The majority of homes have flaws, the question is, how minor or how major are they? Well, I would say that a roof leak, water puddling in a basement or  garage, or water seeping under the front door are major issues. As bad as I hate to say this, there are some sellers out there who will try and cover up water damage in hopes that the home sells before the problem resurfaces. Talk about people praying for clear skies! However, for the buyer or renter, rain is not always a bad thing!  

         Here is a recent story of a day of showing homes in a monsoon! I had a client who was being relocated from Nebraska to the Atlanta area. She and her husband were very interested in the Marietta and Powder Springs areas and had to find a rental home ASAP! The only day that she was available was a Saturday before she flew back home that Sunday. We compiled a pretty good list of 5 Cobb County properties to view that day. The bad part was, she had to make the decision that day from the homes we selected! The night before, I checked the weather, like I normally do, and the chance of rain for Marietta was at 100%. I thought, great, this should be fun! Well, the next morning, I woke up to the sound of a torrential downpour! The weather man was right for once!! As 10 am rolled around, the rain had not let up one bit. I met my client at Starbucks and apologized for the weather and she reminded me that this is the only day she had available. So we raced off to the first listing. She did not like the layout of the home very much so we headed to the next listing. We pulled up and she informed me that, from the pictures, this home is perfect for them. We walked in and she fell in love, everything was perfect, the colors, the layout, the appliances, everything. In my mind, I was thinking, wow, only two homes shown and we found her the right fit, yes!! Well, my optimism turned quickly to distraught as we walked into the dining room and I noticed water running down the wall! I flipped back on the lights in the family room and water was running down the corners there too! The property management company had no idea of the problem when I called to inform them. After further evaluation, someone had painted over the bad spot and it took a torrential downpour for the problem to resurface. As you can imagine, my client was really upset but, no matter how bad she wanted the home, she was not going to risk her belongings being ruined because of water. To make matters worse, the management company told me that they had no idea how long it would be until it could be fixed.   Lucky for my client, the next home we viewed was her 2nd favorite. After thoroughly checking out the house, she was pleased and excited to sign the lease.
        The point of the story is, if it was not for the horrible weather and the heavy rain all morning, we would have never noticed the major problem this home had. My client would have moved in and could have possibly had her possessions ruined! So, if ever you are faced with the decision of viewing or not viewing homes in the rain, do it because you never know what you may find. Rain is not always a bad thing and if it starts flooding while you are looking for your perfect home, maybe it is a blessing in disguise!   
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